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Trappers Choice 15" x 20" Black/Clear Vacuum Seal Bags

Trappers Choice 15" x 20" Black/Clear Vacuum Seal Bags

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Use Trapper's Choice Vacuum Bags to safely and effectively preserve and store your food products botanicals and herbs for short or long periods of time. These bags are composed of non-toxic, heavy-duty non-toxic plastic that is free of BPA and Bisphenol A. The bags are strong two-ply bags with a thickness of 5 mil.

Don't worry about strong odors; these bags will keep them locked. Cook with confidence because the bags are BPA-free, and you may cook food in them at any temperature because the materials are food-safe. Herbs, fish, veggies, coffee, tea, meat, grains, and even cereal work well in these clear plastic vacuum seal bags.

100 Trapper's Choice BPA-free Black/Clear vacuum seal bags, 15" x 20"

BPA-free, super thick (4 mil) polycarbonate. The best, strongest, and tightest vacuum heat seal available.

Black embossed back with clear viewing window. Embossed channels allow sealers to suction out as much air as possible for maximum freshness. Easy tear tabs for convenient opening.  

Works best with Foodsaver sealers. Compatible with most sealers. Tested for optimal performance. Large size for bulk storage.

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